Updates on New Ultraman Series for 2018, Ultraman R/B | 更新 - 2018年の新ウルトラマン

Previously, I wrote some thoughts on Tsuburaya Production's upcoming Ultra series, and the names on the Ultras. The names of the heroes have been confirmed from a poster to indeed be Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. The series is titledUltraman R/B, strangely pronounced "Ultraman Rube" (ウルトラマンルーブ Urutoraman Rūbu), which was the source of the strange "Lube" name.

Ultraman Rosso is Ultraman Blu's elder brother, who seems to have his default form as Flame while Blu has his default form as Aqua. If they were both in the same form I guess the only way to tell the difference between them is Rosso's horns. 

The series gimmick is for the Ultras to turn into different forms using medal-like R/B Crystals (ルーブクリスタルスRūbu Kurisutarusu), each with a different Ultra warrior or kaiju that having an element associated with them. Rosso's Crystals have a pair of horns while Blu's only has one horn.The transformation device is rather large, to be held and activated w…

VR Man: Singapore's own Tokusatsu

There were great superhero shows. There were horrible superhero shows. And then, there is VR Man.

VR Man was a superhero drama produced by Mediacorp and aired in 1998. It was an extremely unusual genre for Singaporean dramas. VR Man was said to be "Singapore's first superhero". Now the show is remembered and recognised even by those who have not watched it, but mostly due to it's notoriety.

The basic story is as follows. A computer engineer, Alex Foo, gets pushed off the railings in a shopping mall and falls several stories. He is taken to be experimented on with a procedure that had killed all previous subjects. He survives, and gains the power to project virtual reality objects using a thing called the Solidifier. This is called "virping" (virtual reality projection) for short, and also because his power had to have a "cool" name for the sake of it. And he gains new powers like telekinesis and incisibility for no apparent reason in certain episod…

New Ultraman for 2018 | 2018年の新しいウルトラマン - Ultraman Rosso, Bull and Lube

Tsuburaya has trademarked several Ultras for a new series coming up this year (2018). "Ultraman Rosso", "Ultraman Bull" and "Ultraman Lube" are the names given by some tokusatsu communities based on their Japanese names, ウルトラマンロッソ, ウルトラマンブル and ウルトラマンルブ.

From what I found, "Rosso" is the masculine noun for red in Italian. ブルcan be interpreted as Bull or Blue, due to the Japanese approximation. The short "u" at the end is weird because Blue is usually spent ブルー Burū. Perhaps it was meant to be Blu in Italian, like Rosso, and they thought Blu had a shorter sound, though I'm not sure if that's true. As for "Lube", ルブ can be variously interpreted as Luve, Rube, Ruve and many other weird combinations. Some fans have suggested that it is Louve, a she-wolf. Perhaps we will see a new female Ultra in a long while. 

Above are Rosso and Bull/Blu's forms, AquaFlameWind and Ground, seemingly elemental forms.Somehow they both…

Rainbowman OP | 行け! レインボーマン



We Are Number one But Shocker From Kamen Rider


Ninja Butai Gekko (Phantom Agents) Song

姿は見えずに 現れ消える
弾丸の中も 何のその
おお 命をかけてゆくぞ
月光 月光 忍者部隊 山を越え 川をすぎ
戦うぞ忍者 正義の味方
うなるぞ手裏剣 消えるぞ影が
すばらしいわざの 冴えをみせ
おお 勝利にかがやくぞ
月光 月光 忍者部隊 Sora o tobi
Kaze o kiri
susumi yuku ninja
sugata wa miezu ni
araware kieru
dangan no naka mo
nan nosono
ō inochi o kakete
yuku zo
ninja butai
Yama o koe
kawa o sugi
tatakau zo ninja
unaru zo shuriken
kieru zo kage ga
subarashī waza no sae
o mise
ō shōri ni kagayaku
ninja butai